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Detailed Inspection Services by Licensed Home Inspectors

At Greater Purpose Home Inspections, LLC, in Albany, Oregon, our licensed home inspector provides honest assessments about property conditions. We do home inspections that provide vital information to the following:

• Real Estate Professionals • Home Buyers • Home Sellers

Knowledgeable Evaluations

The comprehensive evaluations we provide customers allow them to successfully address important property issues. This includes recommendations for necessary operational and maintenance-related procedures for property improvements. Our trustworthy services cover the following areas of expertise:

• Real Property Inspections
• New Construction Inspections
• Radon Testing and Infrared Camera Services
• Lead-Based Paint Identification
• Asbestos Presence Identification
• Mold, Mildew, Pest, and Dry Rot Inspections 
• Heating, Ventilation, and 
  Air-Conditioning Inspections
• Optional GoPro™ Video Documentations along 
  with our Standard Written Reports
Rock Faced Home - Home Inspectors
Contact us in Albany, Oregon, for inquiries about analytical home inspections by our well-trained team.